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EverQuest 2 Burglars Afoot

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NameBurglars Afoot
Starts at NPC:
Starts in Zone:Tenebrous Tangle
Recommended Level55
Related mob(s):
Related Objects
Items Required
DescriptionThis quest is part of The Claymore series. This series must be done in order. See the quest links on this page to follow that order.

1) Speak with Murrar Shar or Tayil N'Velex at the Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle depending on your faction to receive this quest.

2) Visit the two Droag Treehouses at the Temple Grounds in the Tenebrous Tangle. You do not necessarily have to kill anything at this step, just walk around the top and get the update.

3) Kill the Herald of Dar in the Tenebrous Tangle. He spawns near the Shrine of the Wurm King and patrols around in that area. He will drop a Scaleborn Temple ote.

4) Read the Scaleborn Temple Note from the Herald of Dar. This note is tradeable, so you can trade it to all that need an update.

5) Kill the Soundless Guardian at the top of the Shrine of the Wurmking. (-112, +75, -112). If he is up and untargetable you can make him targetable by slaying all of the Hewn Stone drakes at the temple.

6) Gather three clues from the corpses at the locations below in Tenebrous Tangle:

- Fear Tainted Isle: +48, +245, +770
- Gazer Isle: +1000, +467, -125
- Vultak Scavenging Site: -710, +170, -79

This will result in a playing card.

7) Whenever you use the playing cards you will be asked a series of questions. You must answer these correctly to advance. Once you answer them a 15 minute time limit will begin, so wait until everyone in the group is ready to do this and on the Vicious Breeding Grounds to do this step. The answers are:

1) Crow's Tavern
2) Irontoe's East
3) P.T Irontoe
4) Kaladim
5) Crow
6) Crow's Resting Place
7) Fippy Darkpaw
8) Ping Fizzlecutter

8) After answering all of the questions a 15 minute time limit begins. During this time limit each member of the party must walk out to the end of the plank at +370, -115, +510 on the Vicious Breeding Grounds and examine the note. When they do this Drippy Darkpaw will spawn.

9) Kill Drippy Darkpaw. He will drop a key.

10) Use the key on the chest at +565, -145, +640 on the Vicious Breeding Grounds and loot the Disk of Blyze and Drippy Darkpaw's Note. Do not destroy these items, you need them later in the series.

11) Use the Disk of Blyze to advance to the next quest in the series.


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