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EverQuest 2 Lore and Legend: Droag

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NameLore and Legend: Droag
TypeLore and Legend
Starts in Zone:Tenebrous Tangle
Recommended Level55
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related zone(s):
Related mob(s):
Related ObjectsScales in Balance Bench
Items Required
Items Rewarded
Description1) Click on a stone bench, near the Temple of Scale in Tenebrous Tangle to receive the book "Scales in Balance". Read this book to start the quest. (+104, +56, +15)

2) Slay Droag in any zone until you have the following auto-updating pieces:

- ?
- ?
- ?

and the following dropped items which are tradable and must be inspected to get an update:

- Droag Hide
- Droag Horn
- Droag Jaw
- Droag Ribcage
- ?


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