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EverQuest 2 Quieting Discontent

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NameQuieting Discontent
Starts at NPC:Vishra
Starts in Zone:South Qeynos
Recommended Level10
Gives Achievement?Yes
Related mob(s):
Faction(s) Raised:The City of Qeynos
Faction(s) Lowered:The City of Freeport
DescriptionThis is the second to last quest of the Freeport to Qeynos Betrayal. It is given once you have sufficient Qeynos faction.

1) Speak to Vishra outside the mage tower in South Qeynos. He will teleport you into an instance. (+724, -21, +141)

2) Slay Grand Inquisitor Te'Lex in this instance.

3) SPeak to Vishra in South Qeynos.


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